About Us


Marinka de Joode and Marianne Finney


Great Friends!   Great Partners!   Love our Jobs!

If you speak with one of us, you’ve spoken to the other.  We are “interchangeable”.

We’ve combined our strengths and knowledge to create the “Perfect Team”.


Marinka has been living in the Caribbean for 53 years, 41 of those in Sint Maarten.

Marinka speaks English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento.  Her qualifications include:

4 years of Hotel management, 11 years as assistant manager for ECC, which was the

First cellular telephone company on SXM.  In addition, 7 years for a real estate firm,

Managing the owners properties and 6 years for a vacation rental, real estate, property management firm. 

She has extensive computer experience including various accounting programs such as Quicken and Quick Books, internet, websites, computer generated brochures, Microsoft words, works and excel. 

She has experience from preparing employment schedules to employee training to supervising departments to management to liaison to government agencies

Marianne is a retired homebuilder/realtor from the states and has built over 400 homes.  She received 2 Builder of the Year awards for the year 2000 and 2004.  She was elected to the board of directors for the Home Builders Association of Southside Virginia in 1997 as secretary.  She was elected President for the year 2000 and acted as Executive Officer for 8 months.  At the time of her presidency the membership consisted of approximately 280 members.  She participated in the annual Parade of Homes event and her homes earned numerous 1st place awards.

During her 25 year career as a builder/realtor she excelled in her marketing skills.  She created ads, brochures and flyers.  In fact her one big marketing accomplishment included the “giveaway” of a new home in conjunction with a popular radio station.  This event took her from building and selling 10 to 12 homes per year to 30 to 40 per year.

Marianne has extensive experience in real estate sales, construction, marketing, and management. 

She had been visiting Sint Maarten for 20 years and purchased her home in Maho in 2006 and has made Sint Maarten her permanent home.

Marinka and Marianne have been in customer service most of their careers. They understand the importance of being professional, courteous, helpful and informative, not to mention knowledgeable, honest and dependable.

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